Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Benefits of Yoga

I'm a regular reader of Popsugar Fitness website. The website contains tons of health and fitness tips. I also watch their exercise videos and compile photos of exercise routine. I just wish I have the willpower to exercise regularly. 

Lemme share this Leg and Butt Firming Sequence that I got from Popsugar Fitness G+ page. 

I'm beginning to love Yoga... I'm planning to buy a yoga mat this coming weekend. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FYI: This Blog is still Alive

For the information of everybody, this fitness website is still alive in the worldwide web. I've lost my blogging mojo for so many months. I only update my personal blog every now and then. 

Going back to the main topic of this blog, I am slowly working on my weight management program. After recovering from a gall bladder surgery last May 2013, I think I gained a lot of weight. Belly fats in my major concern. Detox drinks is widespread nowadays. Are you familiar with fruit-infused drinks such as lemon water, lemon-cucumber water and lemon-ginger-mint water? That's what I'm drinking right now and I'm hoping to continuously do it to help me shed off excess fats. 

Honey is also beneficial for weight loss. You may try these recipes I got from the Internet.
  1. Honey and Warm Water. Mix a tablespoon of honey in water water and drink everyday. You can also use this to relieve discomfort from overeating
  2. Honey and Lemon Juice. Combine a mixture of honey, warm water and lemon and drink first thing in the morning to lose weight.