Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Struggling to Lose Weight

Yes, I am! I joined a diet challenge in 2009 with an easy-to-follow diet program. In fact, I, together with my 3 other teammates surpassed the target . I continued the program until March of 2010 and then I got pregnant. Now, here I am again trying hard to shed off those excess fats. Good thing I found new fitness buddies through the Get Lost! meme. Our lose weight challenge started yesterday. 

Last night I lessened my carbohydrate intake - I only had 1/2 cup of rice + small slice of pork steak for dinner. And here what I had today:

   1 cup rice 
    3 small slices of tocino 
     scrambled egg 
     1 cup black coffee 
    1 cup rice 
     chicken (adobo sa gata) 

Since I had taken 1 1/2 rice already, I'll try my best to eat light tonight :D Good luck to me LOLZ! By the way,  took the stairs from 2nd floor up to my office (at the 5th floor) this morning and will do the same later. I think I'll be doing this until we moved to our new office. It seems there are no plans of fixing the elevator of our building. Though it's a bit exhausting, this might help me lose weight hahaha. 


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