Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MWNO's Finds: GK Bayani Brew

Detox juices has been pre-occupying my mind since last week. I've been reading a lot of blogs about it and I've known several bloggers who have tried the 3-day juice cleanse. Some of them purchased ready to drink juices while others customized thier own juices.

Since I already have a juicer at home, I am planning to customize my own fruit and veggie detox drinks, too. My problem is I where to buy bottles where put the juice I want to take with me at work. Then I saw my supervisor drinking Bayani Brew, an all-nutritious all natural drink produced by Gawad Kalinga (GK) Enchanted Farm in Bulacan. I said I want only the bottle coz I thought I will not like the taste of lemongrass-flavored iced tea. I sipped half a cup of it and boy, I was wrong it tasted okey and refreshing. It comes in cute packaging, look!

pack of 4 at Php195.00 only

I decided to buy  1 pack, chilled 1 bottle overnight and finished drinking it just few minutes ago. I think this is a good start to condition myself before doing the 3-day juice cleansing diet.

How about you, have you tried Bayani Brew or any lemongrass-flavored tea? 

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